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Financial APIs (Banking & Payment)


Domestic Money Transfer (DMT)

We are all familiar with the use of money transfer services in our daily lives. Money transfers can be difficult in areas where banking services are hard to come by. Toshani provides a Domestic Money Transfer API that enables hassle-free money transfers across India in order to solve this issue.


People can easily access their bank accounts through Aadhaar enabled Payment Systems (AePS) by merely using their biometrics to authenticate their Aadhaar number. To execute transactions using AePS, no intricate paperwork or math calculations are required. A variety of banking services, including mini statements, balance inquiries, and cash withdrawals, are available to customers.

Aadhar Pay


The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) created Aadhaar Pay, a digital payment system that enables retailers to take money straight out of customers’ bank accounts by using the Aadhaar number and biometric authentication. With the help of Toshani’s Aadhaar Pay API, users will be able to make payments easily and securely without using cash or credit cards.

Micro ATM

Customers can use their ATM debit cards to conduct a variety of banking transactions, including cash withdrawals and balance inquiries, using a handheld device called a Micro-ATM or Mini-ATM. Being the top supplier of Micro-ATM APIs, Toshani offers partners an affordable way to offer Micro-ATM services from the convenience of their neighborhood store or shop to clients in rural and remote locations who have limited access to traditional banking services. Customers can check their account balance and withdraw cash using our M-ATM API. We are pleased to support India’s financial inclusion efforts with our Micro-ATM API, as micro-ATMs are playing a significant role in this regard.

Utility Bill Payment API

Our lives have become significantly easier and more convenient as a result of utility services, which are now a necessary component of it. On the other hand, because different service providers have different bill payment policies, paying utility bills is not enjoyable. Businesses can provide all utility bill payment services, including electricity, gas, broadband, water, phone, and mobile, from one location by utilizing Toshani’s Utility Bill Payments API. This offers the companies and their clients the security of immediate confirmations from their individual vendors, in addition to the flexibility of taking a range of different payment methods.


Toshani Bank’s APIs Bill payment support payments for a variety of utilities, including electricity, LPG (cooking gas), water, gas, and more. Users can choose from various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, UPI (Unified Payments Interface), net banking, and electronic fund transfers.


The sale of insurance policies has increased along with the nation’s citizens’ growing financial literacy. The majority of insurance companies in India have expanded their operations throughout the country by selling insurance policies online, which may make it more difficult for them to collect premiums from clients. This issue can be fixed by safely and promptly receiving payments from clients online using Toshani’s robust Insurance Premiums Payments API.


Businesses typically have a large number of payments due at various points throughout the month. These transactions are laborious to perform manually and are prone to human error. Businesses can automate payments and receive real-time financial well-being reports by utilizing Toshani’s Payout API. Our systems are designed to be both multi-user friendly and easy to use. Transparency within the organization is facilitated by the ability to create multiple profiles and place limitations on the features that each profile can access.


In India, the use of mobile phones has skyrocketed due to the internet’s continued popularity. The proliferation of digital mobile recharge options has made it more challenging for those living in rural areas of India to access convenient mobile recharge services, as there is often little or no connectivity in these areas. To address this issue, Toshani providing the Mobile Recharge API, which enables businesses in these regions to provide their clients with convenient and easy mobile recharging.


Mobile postpaid payment APIs enable users to pay their postpaid mobile phone bills through various digital channels, including mobile apps, websites, and third-party platforms. Toshani  Bank’s mobile postpaid payment APIs provide a user-friendly and secure platform for seamless bill payments.


Many DTH service providers offer different recharge options, so it could be challenging for customers to select their plan online and recharge their set-up boxes. Customers receive instant confirmations of their recharges from their service providers, and they can pay for these recharges with cash or online payment methods. This offers a sense of ease and accessibility that can be advantageous to both customers and businesses. Customers can easily pay for digital television by using the convenient DTH recharge options provided by Toshani API services.


FASTag is a rechargeable tag that is safely attached to the car and allows users to quickly and electronically pay tolls. In addition to Toshani’s partnerships with many banks, its FASTAG Recharge API allows users to avoid the inconvenience of in-person fee payments at toll plazas and say goodbye to lengthy wait times.


Since the government has made utilizing a PAN Card mandatory for the majority of official purposes, PAN cards have gained popularity recently. With Toshani’s PAN Card API, companies can now help their customers get their PAN Cards without having to deal with lengthy lines and complicated paperwork.

UPI Lite

UPI APIs enable real-time interbank fund transfers, allowing users to send and receive money instantly. Toshani UPI Lite APIs facilitate seamless fund transfers and digital payments, ensuring financial convenience for users.


Virtual collection API enable businesses to manage and streamline the process of receiving payments from customers and clients. Toshani VIRTUAL COLLECTION API provide versatile and efficient payment collection solutions, catering to the diverse needs of businesses.


Paying credit card bills on time helps you stay out of trouble and keeps your credit score high. It also helps you avoid interest and late fees. Without the need for actual cash or check payments, people and businesses can pay their credit card bills online with Toshani’s Credit Card Bill Payment API. Making credit card payments is safe and easy with Toshani’s Credit Card Bill Payment API.

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