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Toshani is a leading supplier of payment solutions, offering a wide range of technologically advanced digital and cash payment options to banks and merchant aggregators.

Our products have revolutionized the convenience of payments and transactions and are designed with the needs of the client in mind. Our breakthrough distribution network is the product of our experienced team’s cooperative efforts.

We began as a young, vibrant business that was full of energy. Year after year, we continue to develop while maintaining our original characteristics, becoming more inventive and nimble every day.

B2B API Platform

The B2B API platform from Toshani is a commercial banking tool made to make financial administration easier for contemporary companies. The B2B API platform from Toshani is made to support efficient resource allocation for growth, safety and security, and streamlining of banking and financial operations for both new and established businesses.

New Toshani Logo

Why Choose Toshani APIs?

At Toshani, we think that enhancing teamwork and streamlining complexity are important. Our recently introduced B2B API platform is evidence of this dedication.

Reason to Explore Our APIs


Incorporate a variety of financial services into your systems with ease. Because our APIs are designed to be easily integrated, your company will experience a seamless transition.


Expand your company with assurance. Our platform adapts to your changing requirements so you’re always ready for the next big thing.


Get access to the newest resources and tools for banking to maintain your competitive edge. The APIs from Toshani are your link to cutting-edge technology that accelerates your business.


You can be confident that cutting-edge security measures are safeguarding your transactions and data. Our partners’ trust and safety come first.

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Reach out to us if you have any queries regarding our services & solutions.

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