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Become our Channel Partner Why Toshani Channel Partner?

Spread smiles to every customer who enters your shop with premium Digital solutions for Banking, Financial and Insurance services. Serve the society for a good cause & earn better profitability from your business.

Become our Channel Partner Benefits of becoming Toshani Channel Partner

Own the World's Biggest E-Mall

We are a technology-driven company, which emerged as a one-stop-shop digital convenience store. Being our franchisee partner enables you to own the World’s Biggest E-Mall with a wide range of products and services.

Agency or a distributorship of various Services

Through Toshani, the channel Partner get agency or a distributorship of various services such as Banking, KIOSK ATM, White level Services, API services and Digital platforms for single stop shop amongst others under one roof.

Trust and Respect

The Toshani channel partnership is in line with the Government’s vision of financial, digital, and social inclusion as well as skill development and employment generation. Partnering with us helps you to receive Trust and Respect within your community.

Attractive ROI and Quick Payback of CAPEX

Toshani Channel partnership business model has evolved to give Attractive ROI and Quick Payback of Capex in the retail and service industry.

Last Mile Infrastructure and Technology Support

Our organization structure enables us to render Last Mile Infrastructure and Technology Support, ensuring a smooth and seamless delivery of services

OPEX and CAPEX Model

As a key to standardising the outlets, Opex and Capex will be provided to the Channel Partners on Custodian Basis by Toshani on real Time Commission and settlement. The Kiosk ATM business will drive a lucrative return on investment.

Having Queries?

Reach out to us if you have any queries regarding our services & solutions.

Become our Channel Partner

Earn handsome additional income  from your premises and/or business.